"Just in Case Often Becomes Just Wasted Space"

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All Sorted founder, Judith Penny, lives in Cape Town with her husband and three dogs (Two grown up daughters have left home!)

She describes where her passion for order comes from:

"As a family we moved many times and I was always fascinated by my father's ability to pack meticulously. My years of having minimal personal space at boarding school taught me to be organised and hang on to only what I loved and needed.
Later in life my grandmother taught me the benefits of packing very lightly when travelling and how to stylishly co-ordinate a very small wardrobe.

At work I usually found myself in an organising and administrative role. Add to that a general bossiness with friends and family (a very useful trait when clearing out the clutter!) and I realise why I am so enthusiastic about what I do.”

All Sorted operates in the Western Cape.


"Judith and her team were the fairy godmothers I was looking for. And I couldn’t recommend them more highly. Superb, professional, caring, kind & considerate beyond! My 78yo folks had to move from a free standing home to a retirement village with one struggling with mild dementia and the other emphysema. Judith and her lovely ladies were my dream come true. So very, very thankful. ????????"


"Judith from ‘all sorted’ runs the most professional company – she does it ALL from sorting out your home and helping you discard those unwanted goods that one has hoarded for many years. She assisted me in my recent move from arranging the movers to packing up home and unpacking my boxes in my new home. She has two ladies assisting her who are incredibly helpful, I want to make special mention of Beulah who is amazing, she has a calming effect on one during this stressful time.

I can highly recommend ‘all sorted’ and especially Judith at the helm who is very professional and accommodating – She takes care of the all Hassles what a GREAT experience to have Judith on myside!"

Patsy (moved home Dec 2015)

"I didn’t believe in Fairy Godmothers until I met Judith Penny! She has a magic wand. Seriously. In a very difficult time she was supportive and made the whole process of packing up bad history an absolute pleasure. Her assistant Beulah was equally amazing! I could wax lyrical all day, but in all seriousness, she is a Fairy Godmother, waves a magic wand and all is packed and organised impeccably. This coming from an Type A Personality and Little Miss Organised."

Donna Christie (November 2015)

"Judith Penny has overseen two household moves for us. What a treat it was; to move into a new abode clutter-free, organised and with systems already set in place! As well as being decisive, thorough and extremely organised she is also very understanding of people having to deal with letting go and moving on. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Su Wolf

"Where does one start? All sorted ….is not actually the description of what you do . Yes, in the end everything is All sorted - in a fairy godmother like way, but that is sustainable and works. But the context of sorting and clearing and moving - which often has a big life event attached to it, is what really makes Judith different to a “professional organiser” The first time Judith helped me, was to reclaim space in my home that my ex husband left void when he left. I just couldn’t do it and it became a dumping ground, the spaces his stuff previously occupied. Judith helped me clear stuff that was painful and didn’t serve me any more, but also stuff that I would need for my daughter one day which she made hers, not mine. I did reclaim my space and my home in a way that served my daughter and I and the space well. We became friends during that process.

The second major life event was moving out of that home, Judith dealt with it in such a kind and caring way, whilst the busyness of the actual move continued almost seamlessly around me. And in 2 days my new home was an amazing functioning space. Judith also took the time to train my nanny to maintain all the things she put in place - so it wasn’t wasted effort after month two. She is a fairly godmother - with a feather duster and containers and labels! Not only that, she is a fairly godmother to all the beneficiaries of the stuff her clients don’t want or need that is donated, up cycled, recycled - not simply thrown away. I cannot recommend Judith and All Sorted more, every 1 cent spent is so much more value than you will imagine."

Tracey Trevelyan

"Thank you so very much for all the packing you and your lovely ladies did for us yesterday. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we both are - such a huge relief! I simply don’t know how we would have coped on our own."

Maureen (Move Feb 2016)

"My wife and I recently had to go through the process of doing a major ‘down-sizing’ of our house and then moving into a retirement complex. On the recommendation of one of my wife’s friends I approached Judith Penny of All Sorted for advice. I now consider this to be one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. From the very first meeting the advice she gave us was worthwhile, logical and sensible. During our married life my wife and I had made some 15 house moves, however, due to necessity of getting rid of many items (clothing, furniture and ornaments) many of which carried fond memories, this move proved to be the most traumatic and stressful of them all.

The fact that Judith and All Sorted took over all the administration and arranging of moving vans and auctioneers for excess furniture took a tremendous load off my shoulders as well as making it all seem so simple. I don’t know how I would have coped without her help. I am aware that many people in a similar position are wary of contracting such an advisor mostly through concerns about the cost of hiring someone to do what you have probably done on your own before. Firstly, in my opinion the cost of employing All Sorted was very reasonable indeed. Secondly, let me say outright that this is a very simplistic view and in my opinion even if the cost had been considerably more than it was, it would still have been worth it."

C H Bennett

"Not once,twice but three times Judith and her ladies have helped us move....that can only begin to tell you how wonderful they are! We called them our "faeries" as they moved through each room....it was all sorted !! Wouldn't want to do it without them !"

Leigh-Ann Sedgwick

"I want to say how much I appreciate the incredible amount of work you and your team accomplished at my parent's house. It is truly remarkable how efficient you guys are. And what a difference it made to my job. My folks kept a lot of papers - and I'm still wading through them! Once again, thanks for all that you and your team do."


"What would I have done without Judith? For every move, and there've been a few, over the years, her unstinting and patient dedication to ensuring a smooth and supportive move has been a balm to all the worry and strains a move can produce.

Always calm, her unwavering commitment to her clients is admirable considering the job she has to do. She has sat with me when I had to make difficult choices about what to let go. She comforted me on so many occasions when I was   by the process. She was there to make sure beds were made immediately, to unpack everything quickly and efficiently. Her concern was twofold: to ensure the packing up, moving and unpacking went as smoothly as possible and that her clients were nurtured accordingly.

It is said that the emotional impact moving has is third on the list of highly stressful events a person can experience in their lifetime. Thank goodness Judith and her devoted group of helpers have helped keep that strain manageable and my moves hassle free."

Sam Blumberg

"We have never ceased to wonder at your efficiency, energy & enormous energy! Which of course, includes Beulah too! Our whole move was orchestrated so well, & you took a huge burden off our shoulders. We really thank you both SO much. We felt you were so kind , caring, & patient, inspite of how busy you were.

We have missed you every day since you left! So once again, Judith & Beulah many many thanks to you both"

With love from us both

Chris & Judi Tippett

To Judith Penny and her right hand Beulah.....

Moving is a stressful situation, overwhelming at times but you remove that entirely. Words fail me to give full credit to all your expertise, this I can state you are a life saving team. The gratitude and relief of your exceptional and outstanding service,not to mention superb efficiency ,advice and help ,is on the next level of complete compentance.I speak from personal experience that I could not have coped without you Judith.I may have partly done in 4 months what you and Beulah achieved in 48 hours,but then would have been admitted to an institution for those of unsound mind. If anyone out there requires a verbal,first hand account of all this teams beyond the extra mile achievements and talents then please do not hesitate to contact me

Sandi Daynes 0826883386

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