"It's not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness"

Senior Services

home organizing services

All Sorted operates in the Western Cape.


Seniors often struggle with disorganisation and hoarding for various reasons. The accumulation of possessions over a lifetime, the need to keep things ‘just in case’, physical limitations, not being able to reach certain spaces, and possibly being ashamed of needing help.Someone outside the circle of family and friends, with a professional but empathetic approach can make all the difference.

Deceased Estate Assistance

Dealing with a loved ones' belongings, documents and memorabilia can be extremely difficult. We assist with the practical side of clearing the home of a loved one. And then organise the removal of any donations, recycling and rubbish. Judith will also assist with and manage the sale of household goods.


Leaving a family home can be a difficult and emotional time. Judith will help identify what your treasures are and what will fit into your new lifestyle. She will sort with you, at your pace, giving you time to reminisce. She will arrange packing, and unpacking, along with a moving company, or manage your entire move.

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