Wednesday, 20 May 2020 08:13

The challenge to do things differently

The challenges we are facing today are so unexpected, unprecedented and devastating.

Challenges which none of us have faced in our lifetimes.

In the World Wars, there was an enemy to fight.

Today’s challenge is against an unknown enemy– a virus that has spread around the world

changing the way we live and how some of us work.

These were the words of the editor of YEI (You’ve Earned It) on the eve of the lockdown.


And here we are hoping to move on soon…

As we go through each day in lockdown thinking about when this is all over, we know this will not really be over. There will be new challenges.

For some there will be the challenge of finding a job, drastically cutting back on expenses, learning to live with less. For others the challenges will be getting back to a routine, returning to work in an office, sitting in traffic, running errands, and doing day to day stuff we always did.

Whatever your challenges are as we come out of lockdown, I would like to add one more – the challenge to do things differently. Let’s do things differently. Let’s think differently. Let’s be different.


Here are 10 ways to do things differently:


  1. Be generous with your time, your money and your knowledge.
  2. Be considerate. Think about others, be courteous to strangers, and acknowledge those in service behind the scenes.
  3. Be grateful. Whatever you have, there is someone who has more than you, and so many with less.
  4. Be thoughtful, Remember important days, make that phone call, stay in touch regularly.
  5. Be mindful. Think about how you live, what you eat, what you buy, and consider the consequences of your actions.
  6. Be aware of those less fortunate, of those suffering, of the hungry. Do something to make a difference.
  7. Be understanding. Take a step back and think of the other person and their situation before you react, before you respond.
  8. Be brave, be the difference. Stand up for your convictions. Do something – actions speak louder than words. Say no when necessary
  9. Be gentle with others, with animals, with the planet. Step lightly, speak softly, cuddle generously.
  10. Be kind. Above all be kind. If you think about it, if you are genuinely kind the rest will be easy!


This will be my mantra going forward.

What will yours be?


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