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what-does-being-organised-mean what-does-being-organised-mean

What does it actually mean?

1. Arranged or structured in a systematic way. 
1.1 Able to plan one's activities efficiently.
Being organised is not the same as being tidy – but rather being able to find things in the least amount of time.
Being organised means
  • You know where everything is and can find things quickly and easily.
  • Your things don't become lost or damaged un-necessarily.
  • You can find your keys, your phone, the TV remote, those papers you need, your clothes, the glue, the spare light bulbs etc.
If that sounds like you, well done!
Is this more like you?
  • You spend ages each week looking for important documents, school letters, accounts, telephone numbers….
  • You waste time at home looking for keys, books, items of clothing or tools
Here are a few quick and easy ways to get and stay organised…
1. A place for everything and everything in its place
  • Putting something away is so much easier when you know where it belongs. Think about the best spot to put something and ensure that you put it away in the same spot every time.
  • It should be easy and logical for you and anyone else using this space. You will soon get into the habit and do it without thinking!
  • Organise in a way that is natural to you so that it will be easy for you to find things and put them away again. 
2. Don’t put it down put it away, and do it now
  • It’s so tempting to put the keys down on the kitchen counter, or leave your gym bag at the front door because it’s easy or you are in a hurry. But that always causes more work later.
  • Rather put the items away right away and you will be able to find them easily when you need them next.
3. File, don’t pile and don’t print
  • Keep all your paperwork in one spot and then set aside time on a regular basis to sort and file. Make sure you have a filing system that works for you, that’s simple and easy. Open post with a recycling bin handy.
  • Think twice before you print unnecessary documents. Try and get as many bills as you can sent to you electronically to avoid more paper pile up.
4. If in doubt, throw it out….
  • Learn to let go of some belongings. Don’t hold onto things for the wrong reasons. Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do I love it?
  • Do I use it?
  • Why am I keeping it
  • Only keep what you use and love.
5. Quality over quantity
  • It’s better to have fewer items – all of which you need, love and use; than a home filled with things that have no meaning.
  • Remember that your things, photographs, treasures and collections are meant to bring joy to your life. If you cannot see the items, how can they bring you joy? 
6. Take five…
  • Take a few minutes before you go to bed every night, and do a quick tidy up.
  • Take all the dirty dishes to the kitchen, clear the kitchen surfaces, pick up newspapers and put them in recycling, return things to their rightful homes.
  • It will be worth it in the morning!
7. Think twice before you buy….
  • The best way to stay organised is to stop clutter before it starts! Whenever you want to bring something new into your home and space, remember you have to get rid of something old.
  • Every time you want to buy an item, ask yourself: do I have somewhere to store it? Do you have something to wear with it? Do I really need it?
  • Be mindful when shopping, think twice and remember that a bargain is not a bargain unless you will use it, and it has a place in your home.
Set aside time twice a year – change of season is a good time – to try on all your clothes. If a garment doesn’t fit, you haven’t worn it, it’s damaged or you just don’t like it anymore, let it go.
Encourage family and friends to give you gifts that don’t add to clutter, such as cooking lessons, spa treatments, babysitting – the list is endless.
I could go on and on….but we don’t have all day.
Time to go get organised!

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