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Your Waste. Your Problem.

Your waste is your problem

Have you ever stopped to think about how much rubbish you and your family throw away each week?

Or why we need to stop throwing so much away?

Do you even know where your waste goes to or what counts as waste?

Did you know that 80% of all household waste can be reduced, reused or recycled?

This is how Penny Poyzer gets your attention in her book NO WASTE LIKE HOME. It certainly got my attention a number of years ago as I began to make moves towards a more sustainable and less wasteful lifestyle. Out came my notebook and pen and in my usual fashion made notes of all the key points and habits I could introduce that would make a significant difference.

You can too! The book is well worth the read, but here is my summary in the meantime, to get you going.

Top tips for low waste supermarket shopping:

  • Make a list and stick to it
  • Buy loose fruit and vegetables
  • Go for glass jars and bottles and tins
  • Use reusable goods, rather than single use disposable items
  • Take your own bags

Happy shopping:

  • Buy products that last
  • Share items such as tools, sports equipment etc.
  • Buy second hand where possible
  • Reuse it, repair it, restore it
  • Read labels and go for safer and more environmentally friendly household products
  • Buy recycled and recyclable items

Setting yourself a cleaning routine:

  • Things that need cleaning daily
  • Things that need regular cleaning
  • Things that need an occasional clean
  • Stuff that need to be cleaned annually

Top tips to declutter:

  • Start small: one space at a time
  • Keep it up: set aside time once a day to do a little
  • Don’t be a slave to sentiment: Its ok to be sentimental, but be selective
  • Don’t dither – deal with it!
  • If it’s broken and can’t be fixed, let it go

Convenience costs! It may save you a bit of time, but it’s a false economy!

Go for green – before you buy, ask yourself if you could do without it. Otherwise buy green, buy ethical, buy Fairtrade, buy second-hand

Hooked? How are you going to change your world today?

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