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Why do I need an Organiser who understands Seniors?

Things are so up in air at the moment. We are not sure what will happen tomorrow, let alone next week or next month. This is unsettling for the best of us, and so much more for our Senior loved ones.

Moving can be overwhelming and stressful at the best of times, but probably downright awful right now. Even more so for Seniors who are leaving homes filled with memories and possessions that they accumulated lovingly over a lifetime. So often family members would like to help, but can’t right now due to the impact of the Corona Virus, time constraints or distance. Those that can often find it difficult to understand the physical and emotional impact a change of this nature has on Seniors. They could become impatient with their loved ones, and often try and make decisions for them.

This is where a Professional Organiser who understands and works with Seniors could be extremely helpful.

You might ask “Why do I need an Organiser who understands Seniors?”

  • We know that getting organised can be a slow process. It took a lifetime to accumulate a home full of possessions and memories. So much of their stuff will have sentimental attachments, so going through their home will take longer, and require patience.
  • We have to build a level of trust with the Senior, while maintaining a good relationship with the family. This starts with the very first meeting, and continues through to the end, through constant communication.
  • The Organiser needs to show respect at all times for the Senior and their things. Seniors are treated with courtesy and consideration, as well as their treasured possessions. We see things through their eyes, not ours. We work on understanding their point of view while offering advice and choices based on years of working with Seniors in their homes.
  • Effective communication with Seniors, caregivers and family members is essential. The Organiser often becomes the go-between the family and the Senior.
  • We also understand that there are physical limitations which impact the length of a session. Seniors can tire easily, especially with the emotional impact of a move.

These are just a few of the reasons you should consider hiring an Organiser who specialises in working with Seniors.

Whether you hire a Professional Organiser or tackle their move on your own, please remember this is a stressful and difficult time for your elderly relatives.


  • To be patient and follow their lead.
  • What seems old and useless to you could be a source of comfort to them.
  • Don’t focus on newest or best, rather on what they use and love.
  • Don’t insist on buying everything new and dumping their old stuff.
  • They need to feel comfortable in their new homes.
  • Above all, they need their family and family support more than anything else!

How can I help make this transition easier for you and your loved ones?


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