Tuesday, 11 June 2019 13:33

What To Do When Collections Become Clutter

“I can’t believe there are so many” came the plaintive cry from my client.

We were dealing with her collection of owls - at least 300 of them! They were everywhere - on bookshelves and countertops, in the bathroom and kitchen and outdoors, some packed away in cupboards and others hidden behind stuff. I had rounded them all up and displayed them on the dining room table, so that decisions could be made on what to keep and what to let go.

All too often, a collection gets out of control and before you know it, turns into clutter...

If you are a collector, or like the idea of a collection, but don’t want clutter keep these 6 tips in mind:

  1. Pick a number and then stop. Decide on how many you would like and once you get there, STOP collecting
  2. You can only treasure so many items at a time. Make sure you can see and enjoy your collection
  3. To avoid your space looking cluttered, group your collection. Don’t scatter it all over the home.
  4. Remember you will have to clean your collection, so think about how or where you will display your treasures
  5. Don’t be so concerned with cleaning; protecting and maintaining your collection that you forget to enjoy it! Have it out on display, share it with everyone who comes into your home, and enjoy it!
  6. And should something happen to one or all of the pieces, let go…You had the privilege of enjoying it for a time! LET GO!

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