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Decided to sell your house? Now what?

Decided to sell your house? Now what?

I am working with a couple who have made the decision to make their last move into a small retirement home. Over 28 years they have filled their large family home to the brim. It is a daunting task, and they called me in to help get their home ready to sell. It is a lovely home, with lots of light, and lots of space, but completely lost under all the stuff. So, armed with a plan, along with boxes, bags, bins and a large van to fill with recycling and donations, we are moving mountains (well almost!)

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Getting Your House Ready To Sell

A client I worked with a few years back called recently to say they needed my help again. They are selling their home and moving away.” Would I help get their home ready to put on the market to sell?” After I put the phone down I thought about the difference a little decluttering and organising can make when selling a home. Here are my top tips to get your home ready to sell:

  1. Start by going room by room. Think of yourself as a potential buyer and looking at each room critically. Do you see the potential? Or do you just see the stuff? Your goal is to make your home inviting and attractive as possible without spending loads of money.
  2. Tidy up the kitchen. Tackle the counter tops and clear off anything that is not essential on a daily basis. Go through your kitchen cupboards and make space for appliances you usually have standing on the counter tops. While you are there, clear out anything you no longer use. Do the same if you have a pantry, scullery or laundry.
  3. Tackle your bathrooms. Give your baths, showers, basins and tiles a good scrub. Clear out medicine cabinets and cupboards. Clear everything off the vanity, leaving only essentials in a pretty container or basket. Add a plant, crisp neutral towels and fresh soap.
  4. Make bedrooms comfortable. Clear bedside tables and dressing tables. Ensure bedside lamps work. Remove anything that doesn’t belong in a bedroom. Use neutral linen where possible and add plump pillows and soft throws.
  5. Sort out your study. Clear up your paperwork, do your filing, shred and recycle what you don’t need. Leave your desk neat and tidy at all times during the selling process, ensure there is good lighting and an appealing space to work in.
  6. Clear off counters and bookcases. Get rid of books that won’t be reread, recycle old magazines and newspapers. Remove most of the photographs and personal items, along with excess ornamental items. Now is the time to decide whether you will be taking them with you when you move.
  7. Clear out garden sheds, garages and other storage areas. Now is the time to sort and let go anything you no longer use, or know you will not need in your new home. Organise the rest in clearly marked containers, or neatly on shelves
  8. Take a good look at your home’s exterior. Clear your gutters, wash down walls if necessary, keep driveways and paving swept and clean. Take time to get your garden looking its best, and your pool sparkling. Is your curb neat and tidy?
  9. Lastly step outside your gate and take a look. If you were looking at buying a home would this be one you would be keen to look at?

Ready, steady, sell!

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