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7 Simple Tips to Reduce Your Housework

Does housework or work around the house feel never-ending? Do you feel that you never get on top of the chores? Take a look at my own tried and tested tips to save time for the good things in life...

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Monday, 06 February 2017 01:53

7 Simple Tips to Reduce Your Housework

Who really, really likes housework? Not me…I am always keen to find ways to reduce the amount of housework I need to do, so that I have more time to relax, more time to enjoy my hobbies, more time with family and friends. Here are my favourite tips that make housekeeping easier for me….

1. Put your clothes away every night. Don’t be tempted to toss your clothes on a chair or the floor. It only takes a couple of seconds to put them away or in your laundry basket.

2. Don’t hold onto more than you need and use. All those appliances in the back cupboard. Vases never taken down. Ornaments gathering dust. Multiple towels and linen sets kept for visitors…. Let go… 

3. Wipe down surfaces every time. Wiping away grease and food splatter immediately cuts down on the heavy cleaning later.

4. Don’t have too much decorative stuff on beds. Decorative pillows and throw blankets might look good, but don’t have too much. The fewer steps it takes to make your bed every morning, the more likely you'll do it.

5. Put shoes and jackets away. Have a coat rack at the front door, and a place for outdoor shoes.

6. Wash up or stack the dishwasher regularly. What more can I say!

7. Put things back where they came from. Putting things away every time means you will find them easily, and your home will look neater, cleaner and more inviting.

Try it for yourself!

Published in Organizing

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