Thursday, 28 September 2017 05:33

Spring Wardrobe Sorting

So you have decided to spring clean and this means your clothes too! I might covered some of these points before, but I think you will find them helpful if you are keen to sort your wardrobe. 

You will need:

  • a block of time without interruptions
  • a good friend, who will be brutally honest
  • several boxes for possible sale, donations, repairs, returns and throw out
  • copious amounts of tea, coffee, chocolate or whatever will keep you going!

On the day:

  • Start with your drawers and shelves, then move onto hanging space, then shoes, belts and handbags
  • Touch each item and ask yourself:
    • When did I wear it last? Can’t remember? Out it goes
    • Does it fit? Too big, too small? Donate it! Live in the now!
    • Does it look good on me? What about the colour? This is where your friend comes in.
    • Do I love how it feels? scratchy, harsh…Life is too short to be uncomfortable…
    • Does it need repairing, altering, or cleaning? Get it sorted or get rid of it!
  • Filled up your boxes? Take them to your car right now, and think about organising a Spring 2nd hand clothing swap party with your friends. Definitely the cheapest way to get something new in your wardrobe, and the most fun!! My kind of shopping!
  • Back to work! Now take all the winter clothes, empty pockets and set aside to wash or dry-clean.
    o For another day: Once your winter clothes are clean, pack into vacuum bags, add a few bay leaves, lavender or bicarb. Use your vacuum cleaner to suck out all the air and stash the bags until April.
  • Before you start putting clothes back, clean your wardrobe thoroughly with bicarb and warm water!
  • Now you are left with your spring/summer clothes. Here are some thoughts:
    • Put your clothes back in a way that makes it easy for you to find easily and replace just as easily. No point in my telling you how, and it doesn’t work for you! For some grouping like with like works, some like to colour code, other prefer outfits together. Everyone is different, every wardrobe is different
    • Replace wire hangers with sturdy hangers of your choice. Wooden, plastic, fabric covered hangers – your call!
    • Put hooks or a rail on the inside of your cupboard doors for scarves and belts
    • Use baskets, pretty boxes or clear containers for smaller items like undies, socks, hair bits and bobs and costume jewellery
  • So that’s done, you know what’s there, you can find what you want and you love it all!
  • Reward yourself! You deserve it!

Summer’s coming!

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