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Preparing for the Retirement Home

Last week we looked at taking care of all those questions we don’t really like to ask. I hope that the article inspired you to get your affairs in order, and have all those important documents easily accessable. On a similar note, I thought we would look at moving into retirement homes. Whether it’s for your parents or an elderly member of your family or circle, or for yourself, here is a comprehensive list of questions you should be asking:


  • Activities (crafts, social events, sports, educational, etc.)
  • Meals (individually prepared or in a dining room)
  • Housekeeping, laundry, and lawn care
  • Transport
  • Security
  • Assistance with grooming, bathing, and dressing
  • Administration and management of medications
  • Skilled nursing care
  • Shopping and errand running
  • Social services and therapeutic care
  • Spiritual services and worship
  • Emergency medical care


  • Are services provided by in-house staff or outsourced to other agencies?
  • Do you have a choice of room / apartment sizes and layouts?
  • Do they make it easy for friends and family to visit?
  • What does the monthly rate include? Are there charges for other services?
  • Can furniture and other personal items be brought from home?
  • What kinds of activities and recreation are available? How often?
  • Is the facility clean, well-run, and efficient?
  • Can the facility provide a higher level of care later on if needed?
  • Is the facility licensed by the state? A member of AAHSA?
  • Is the facility certified for Medicare and / or Medicaid?


  • Well-lit stairs and halls
  • Handrails in the bath tub and by the toilet
  • Emergency call buttons in the rooms
  • Well-marked exits
  • Fire and smoke alarms for the hearing impaired
  • A bill of rights that identifies and respects residents

All of this seems fairly obvious, but going armed with a list ensures you don’t miss anything important. Add you own questions to this list!


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