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Organising Your Garden Shed

A few years ago, I was approached by a magazine to respond to a reader’s letter asking how to go about re-organising their garden shed. I thought about it recently while doing just that – clearing, sorting and re-organising a client’s garden shed. And do you know, I realised that while every project is different and every client has different needs, the BASIC principles remain the same. Here is my updated version of HOW TO ORGANISE YOUR GARDEN SHED.

What is important to know when planning on re-organising your garden cottage?

First of all you need to set aside some time where you will not be distracted, and preferably with help. You might want to do this in two stages. If you do it in two stages, make sure it’s not too far apart. The first stage would be the clear out and the second stage would be deciding where everything would go, labelling shelves or storage and putting it all back in the different categories. If you do it in one go, do the first part, take a good break and then tackle the second bit.

Now, how do I do it?

  • Working from one side to the other, and top to bottom, start clearing out the shed. Have space to lay everything out so that you can see what there is.
  • Once the shed is empty, sweep, dust, get rid of cobwebs etc.
  • Add shelves and hooks to get things off the ground. It always looks neater and encourages you to replace things where they belong
  • Buy some sturdy plastic storage that you would be able to stack. First work out what you will need, and THEN go shopping. If you get clear containers, you will be able to see the contents. If you go for black or coloured ones, ensure you label them clearly!!
  • Now back to the sorting. Have a box for donations/give aways, a box for recycling, a box for the rubbish dump. Again, working from one side, methodically touch each item and make a decision. The broken or damaged ones are easy. THROW THEM OUT. Now deal with the others -  Is it used? Does it have a purpose in your home? Why is it there? Why are you keeping it? Touch, make a decision and move on to the next item. Anything you are not sure of, put on one side to come back to later.
  • Now that everything is sorted, you might want a break. Move the boxes for donating, recycling and rubbish dump out to the car, trailer, truck!!! Have a cuppa, and check out what is left behind.
  • Divide your space into different areas –painting section, gardening section, tools and general. Think of a pre-school space, where there are stations for different activities. Do the same with the shed.
  • Now put everything you are keeping back. All paint tins with labels facing forward, all brushes together in a container etc., then move on to the gardening stuff, and so on. Ensure that everything has a home – you could label the shelves so that things go back without any stress. If you are using containers that stack, don’t put too many on top of each other, and ensure they are clearly labelled. Ideally you should be able to read them from the door.
  • Also ensure there is a space to work on, or if not, a folding table that can be used to work on.
  • Good lighting is also important.
  • Now that you are done, show it off, and enjoy your new organised space. Encourage replacing things each time they are used and a monthly once over to keep it looking good and working to perfection.

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