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Moving house, moving pets

Moving house, moving pets

A big part of my work at All Sorted is moving people from one place to another. Some moves are happy moves, with good and welcome changes. Some are not so happy, usually done out of necessity. Either way, moving house can be challenging and stressful for most. It’s a time of change and transition, with lots of anxiety and activity thrown into the mix.

Now imagine then the anxiety felt by pets who have no idea what is happening. It’s scary to see boxes and suitcases being packed, and their routines being turned upside down, almost without warning. It is really important to prepare your pets for the move, and help them adjust to their new home.

So, here’s our favourite tips to help your pets with the transition

Ahead of the move

  1. If possible, take them to the new home ahead of time. Take them for walks in the neighbourhood and the local park.
  2. Find the closest vet to your new home and get your pet’s microchips updated
  3. Take photos of your animals, in case they run away during the course of the move
  4. Start packing early, even if its just a few boxes. Pack and change things around so they get used to the idea.
  5. If you feel you animals are getting extremely anxious, you can get calming medication for them for the few days before the move.
  6. As far as possible, continue with their normal feeding times, walking schedules and sleeping stations.

On move day and beyond

  1. On move day, arrange for your animals to be in a safe and comfortable space for the duration of the move. Ensure they have familiar smells, toys, bedding and food with them
  2. Once you have moved, make things as familiar as possible. Use the same throws on couches for a while. Don’t wash their bedding before you move. Ensure they have their favourite things in familiar places
  3. Let your pets explore their new home as much as they want. Take them to meet the neighbours.
  4. Don’t scold them if they start playing up. Just re-enforce the positive.
  5. Make sure they get enough attention and exercise
  6. Most of all give them lots of love!

Have you moved with pets? Do you have any suggestions to make a pet’s move a happy one?

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