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Moving house is stressful! Let me help you prepare for it!

Moving house is a stressful time! So once you have made the decision to move, take time to think about everything that needs to get done before the moving truck arrives. Make lists and have a schedule of all the things that need doing and by when. To help you with this process here is a schedule I share with clients to help them make this transition as easy as possible.


The most important thing to remember is to start early. Give yourself plenty of time to get everything done and ready for moving day.

Two Months Before

  • Set up a move file. Whether it’s electronic, paper, or both, create a place to keep track of information you’ll need for your move, including moving quotes, receipts, leases, rental documents or purchase papers. Don’t forget insurance, plumbers, electricians and painters.
  • Get quotes for your move. I recommend getting at least three estimates from moving companies. It’s important to get written quotes. Take time to read through them carefully. Remember to compare similar services, when making a decision.
  • Set aside money for the move. It’s fun to go out and buy new stuff for your new home, but you want the best possible movers to take care of the possessions you already have.
  • Gather your records. These include medical records, pets details and vet contacts. Now is the time to research doctors, dentists and vets in your new community.
  • Talk to your insurance agent. Organise cover for the duration of the move, from the day of the move, the transport, and the day the movers offload. INSIDER TIP: Your own householders insurance policy covers your move at no extra cost, as long as you notify them timeously.
  • Cancel utilities. Arrange for your telephone, TV and internet to be moved, or cancelled.

Six Weeks Before

  • Edit your possessions. Now is the time to start decluttering. Don’t move anything you don’t use. Get rid of unneeded or unwanted items through sales or donations.
  • Check your food. Let go any dry foods you will not use again, including spices, condiments and sauces. Start cleaning out your freezer and pantry. Plan means around what you already have instead of buying more food.
  • Clean up your supplies. Use them up before you leave. It’s much easier to buy new products in your new location. Remember to leave a little for a final clean after the movers have been.
  • Doing your own packing. Organise a supply of strong boxes and have 2 or 3 sizes. Collect newspaper, or better still buy white newsprint for wrapping, along with markers and packing tape.
  • Schedule your movers. You got your quotes earlier. Now schedule your move. Remember to discuss packing, loading, delivery, and claims procedures. INSIDER TIP: Ask for the first move of the day. This avoids delays, and gives you time to start unpacking (if you are moving within the city)

Four Weeks Before

  • Time to pack. Packing yourself? Start to box items you don’t regularly use. Pack like with like, and room by room, marking your boxes clearly for easy reference when unpacking. Remember to check for items that your moving company will NOT transport.
  • Mail delivery. Still get mail? File a change of address with the Post Office.
  •  Make plans for your pets on moving day. Consider having a friend look after them, or get a gentle calming tablet from you vet. INSIDER TIP: Don’t wash pets blankets and baskets or toys. Having their own smells in the new home helps them adjust.

Two Weeks Before

  • Take care of the car. Get your car serviced so you don’t have to find a new mechanic immediately after moving. Again, ask for a referral.
  • More address changes. Let your bank, credit card companies and others know your new address. INSIDER TIP: Now is the time to convert to online statements and invoices.

One Week Before

  • Check and check again. Go over details of the move one last time.
  • Be prepared. Fill any prescriptions you’ll need to tide you over during the move. Pack a box of basics you’ll need during the move – snacks, first-aid supplies, overnight toiletries and an overnight bag.
  • Get appliances ready. Empty, defrost and clean your fridge and freezer at least 24 hours before moving day. Do your last load of washing, and a last load in the dishwasher 2 days before.
  • Pack your boxes. Pack by room and label boxes carefully. You’ll probably want to set your kitchen and bedrooms up soon after the move, and this will make it easier. Have everything ready the night before the big day. INSIDER TIP: Have a box for the last items you use in the kitchen. Mark the box to be opened first, as this will usually hold items you will need immediately.

Moving day

  • Stay out of the way. If you’re using professional movers, they know what they’re doing.
  • Do a walk-through.  Check every room and cupboard to make sure you didn’t forget anything.
  • Get moving. Make sure someone is at your new home to supervise the offloading. INSIDER TIP: Label each room in your new home so that the movers don’t have to keep asking where to put things.

Ready, set, go!

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