Wednesday, 19 June 2019 13:48

Let the past go and focus on the future

Years ago, right at the beginning of my career as a Professional Organiser, I started a list of things I came across while helping people declutter, downsize and move on. Things that meant something at some point in their lives, but things that were holding them back from a new chapter:

  • Sports equipment that would never be used again.
  • Musical instruments left behind by grown up children who had long since left home.
  • School books, projects and artwork from entire school careers
  • Craft supplies, incomplete projects, half knitted jerseys.
  • Letters and photographs from old sweethearts.
  • Boxes of books languishing in garages.
  • Shelves of bric-a-brac and collections that no longer have meaning.
  • Rusty tools and so many jars/tins of rusty nails/screws/hooks in the garage that had been forgotten.
  • Boxes of crockery and glassware, packed and stored and not looked at in years

My list goes on and on!

With most of my clients, once we have started, it became easier and easier to let go as we focused on the goal of moving forward.

And that is the key, focusing on the goal, focusing on moving forward, focusing on the next chapter. There is no harm in reminiscing, recalling happy memories and special times. There is no harm in keeping a few mementos of a happy time. But just a few!

Moving forward is so much easier if you are not bogged down with stuff from your past. Letting go, while difficult at times, is liberating and opens up new opportunities, new possibilities and new avenues.

So, if you are embarking on a new chapter, moving house, downsizing, packing up a family home, or just wanting to declutter, it’s time to let the past go and focus on the future. Start with the easier stuff, like my list, and go from there.

And at all times, remember the end goal!

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