Wednesday, 30 November 2016 15:55

Keeping Things for Your Children One Day

So often when working with clients decluttering and downsizing, I hear the words “I can’t let that go, I am keeping it for my children/ grandchildren one day”. And so the pile grows and grows…

Recently I had the opportunity of working with an elderly client whose daughter popped in periodically to see how we were getting on. Each time I would ask her to look at the piles her mom had put on one side for her. At the end of the decluttering exercise, the daughter had taken only a handful of really personal items, and we delivered boxes and boxes of the unwanted ‘treasures’ to charity.

The lesson: It’s really important to think about why you are keeping things for your children.

Is it because you really like the item, and are sure they will to?

Is it something you think they could use it, or might need it one day?

Is it a family heirloom?

Did it cost a lot of money and you can’t bear to part with it?

Whatever your reasons are, you need to think of why you are decluttering in the first place. You need to think about your future and your space

And so here are five rules for keeping things for your children:

  • Ask them if they want the items you have set aside for them.
  • If they are not taking the items straight away, think about how and where you are going to store them and for how long.
  • Don’t be upset if you keep it for years and then your kids don’t want it after all.
  • Think carefully. Are you keeping these things in the hope that they will be used and loved by your children, or are you unwilling to let go of your memories and that fact that your children are growing up and have their own lives?
  • Don’t save things because you think they will be worth something at some stage. So often our understanding of the value of some we have is based on our connection to the item and the history we have with it. If you are not sure, get it appraised by someone and then decide if it is worth keeping. 

Be strong and move on!

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