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How to Get Your Family Through a Busy Week

School holidays are behind us, and another term starts with all the pressures of getting to school on time, homework, extra murals and homework. It’s probably quite hard to get back into a routine and so I thought it a good time to talk about how to get you and your family though the week smoothly and without stress.
The key is to lead a simple life during the week with a plan of action, daily routines and early nights. Then relax over the weekends!

Take time to do a little planning:

  • Have a large family planner in a central spot where everyone can see it. Write down absolutely everything you need to know and have to do. You will need to update it weekly.
  • Schedule your day and don’t pack too much into it. Give yourself more time than you think you need. Packing in too much will only leave your stressed and unhappy.
  • Plan your weekly menu, Shop with a list and cook double portions when you can. Knowing what is for supper makes a big difference to your day.

Now work on some routines:

  • Ensure school books, school bags, and clothes are ready the night before. Remember projects, notices and extra murals.
  • Prepare lunch boxes as far as possible. Know what you will be giving them each day, and have those ingredients at hand. It will be a breeze to do the rest in the morning.
  • Get breakfast ready the night before. Have healthy options during the week (and treats at the weekend). This will give you time to eat breakfast without rushing.
  • Maintain the same evening routine during the week. Homework, playtime, bath time, supper, reading or quiet time and bedtime. Choose a routine that works for the whole family.
  • Before you go to bed, take five minutes to have a quick tidy up. Check your schedule for next day to ensure there are no surprises. Go to bed relaxed and ready to face a new day!

In the mornings:

  • Start your day earlier than the rest of the family. Have a little time to yourself, and be ready to tackle the day ahead.
  • Start a regular wake up routine when your children are little. Have a list of the basic activities and encourage them with star charts and rewards regularly. By the time they are in high school the morning routine should be well established and easy to maintain.
  • Leave time for the unexpected. Aim to leave the house ten minutes earlier than you need to. This will help when you find yourself in a traffic jam, or other delay.

Your days will run smoother and everyone will be calmer and happier. You will be ready to tackle each week in a positive and productive way.

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