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Granny’s top tips for holiday packing

Who doesn’t love a summer holiday? Sunshine, relaxed days, family fun and no chores.

But before you go, whether you are going somewhere close by or across the world, you need to pack. For some this is easy, but for most this is a daunting exercise.


I was lucky enough to have a Grandmother who travelled a lot and had packing down to a fine art. She firmly believed that how you pack sets the tone for your holiday. Her mantra was “Pack light, pack right and have fun”.

Here are her tips for holiday packing:

Before you start:

  1. Consider the weather and the activities you will be doing
  2. Buy travel-size containers and Ziploc bags for your toiletries and small items.
  3. If you’re flying, check the regulations regarding onboard luggage
  4. Make a checklist of everything you plan to take – clothes, shoes, toiletries, gifts, maps, adaptors and chargers and all trip details. Lay everything out.
  5. With clothes, choose three colours that work together and change the look with accessories. Pack neutral shoes that will go with everything, so you won’t need so many.
  6. Ensure all your clothes are clean and wrinkle-free. Do up all the buttons and close all zips.
  7. Remember to clearly mark your luggage. Use a bright ribbon for quick identification and a label with your name and telephone number.

Keep all valuables, including your travel documents, in your hand luggage, as well as the following:

  1. A small first aid kit, medication and travel-size toiletries
  2. A small sewing kit, small mirror, and an extra set of underwear
  3. A book, journal, cards or something to keep you busy
  4. Earplugs, headphones, neck cushion and chewing gum – great on an airplane
  5. Chargers and battery banks (my addition)

Packing the perfect suitcase:

  1. Pack heavy items at the bottom closest to the wheels to avoid excessive wrinkling.
  2. Roll your clothing to save space and prevent wrinkles – rolling with tissue paper works wonders for wrinkle-free garments at your destination.
  3. Pack tightly. Fill shoes with socks, stockings and other small soft items.
  4. Avoid overpacking – abide by the old saying, ‘pack half of what you think you need and take twice as much money’!
  5. Unpack at the other end as soon as you can. Hang very creased items in the bathroom while you shower. The steam will help get rid of wrinkles.
  6. Keep a checklist with you so that when you pack up again you don’t forget anything.”


So, all that’s left is to head for the airport and have fun!

I am sure you have some great tips. Please share them with us!

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