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Get Your Kitchen Sorted!

I am not a keen cook and I am not much of a baker! I cook because my family needs to eat, and stick to simple, easy nourishing meals. I love one pot dishes, and big summer salads! And I look forward to Tuesdays when we have family and friends to supper and my HUSBAND cooks!
Having an organised and clutter free kitchen makes all the difference for cooks and non-cooks alike. Think about setting aside some time to get your kitchen sorted. Use this list to keep you focused

  • The less clutter you see, the more organized your kitchen will feel.
  • Remove any appliances that you seldom use from your counter tops. Store them in cupboards.
  • Store your pots and pans, and other cooking utensils close to the stove.
  • Store glasses in order. All tall together, then all short, all wine, then champagne etc.
  • Declutter your containers. Choose transparent containers and square or rectangle is best
  • Keep all of your spices in one area, close to your cooking space.
  • Store like food items together, veggies in one place, fruits in another, boxed meals and so on.
  • Use glass containers where possible to store foodstuffs, spices etc.
  • Place dividers in your drawers. This makes it easier to keep all of those little bits and pieces together.
  • Examine your shelves and work out how they could be used more efficiently.
  • Keep an area close to your stove clear where you will place hot dishes as they come out of the oven.
  • Conquer the paper monster in the kitchen. Have a designated spot for your mail.Put a bowl on the counter to catch odds and ends - pens, keys etc.
  • Finally, re-examine your kitchen to determine if there is any storage space that you've overlooked.

So now that you have a lovey organised kitchen, you are probably wondering how to keep it that way. Maintenance is the key. Always put things back in the spots you've designated for them. Do the basics. Just making sure the dishes are washed every day is a great way to stay on track.

Once a week, do a quick run-through in the kitchen, putting away items that have strayed from their homes, and wipe down surfaces. Check the refrigerator for any items which are expired or starting to turn. Toss any of the leftovers you know you won't eat.

You'll find this becomes a habit, one which will keep your kitchen organised or a long time to come

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