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Don't let your photographs get you down

I am currently working with a client who has decided it’s time to clear out, clean up, downsize, pass on and generally get her life in order.

We have ruthlessly edited kitchenware, crockery, cutlery, glassware, crystal, linen, ornamentals, furniture and artwork. We have attacked paperwork and stationery with vigour, sending bags of shredded paper to recycling and a box of stationery to a needy school. Clothes came next which we reduced by 50 percent, and finally memorabilia and photographs. We struggled a little with memorabilia, but passing on favourite items to family and friends helped a lot!

We came to a grinding halt when we got to the photographs! Over a few cups of tea and a lot of reminiscing, we devised a plan of action, and began the great purge. We did it! We were left with a small box of photos to be scanned, photos to be given to various children and family members and a wedding album!

It got me thinking! When last did I look at our wedding photographs? When last did anyone look at their wedding photographs? In fact, when last did you look at any photographs?

Are you able to find your photos easily? Are they all together in one spot?

Perhaps the holidays are a good time to get your photos sorted!

Here are some tips to help you along…

First of all

  • Gather up all your photos. Check all cupboards, boxes, nooks and crannies. Make sure you have all albums, loose photos and framed ones too!
  • Find a spot where you have enough space to sort and categorise, along with a bag for any you will not be holding onto.
  • Now decide how you want to store them:
    • Chronologically – per person, and by year
    • Events – wedding, reunion, special birthday, holidays
    • Location – National Parks, cruise stops, trips

The big sort

  • Be ruthless; keep only the good ones you would like to look at again or show to others.
  • Give away duplicates to family members or people who appear in the photos
  • Discard, delete any photos that are bad, blurry, incomplete, not interesting or evoke bad memories
  • Label your photos. Don’t rely on your memory!

Now to decide where and how are you going to store them

  • Are you going to use albums, boxes or scrapbooks?
  • Would you like big photo walls of your favorite?
  • Have you thought of a digital option, with a backup in a “cloud” like Google Photos or Dropbox. You could have them scanned professionally or take time to scan them yourself.

Once you are all sorted

  • Stay that way by sorting, organizing, deleting and tossing photos after each event, weekly or monthly.
  • Before I go, don’t get so involved in taking photos that you don’t get to enjoy the moment or event!

Happy snapping!

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