Wednesday, 14 February 2018 19:52

Do you use your favourite things every day?

I have quite a few favourite things! Pieces I like to look at, things I enjoy using. Wooden ornaments in my study where I can see them all the time, gorgeous antique champagne glasses I use every time I drink bubbly! Wonderful platters I inherited from my mom-in-law that are used at every dinner party, a favourite shocking pink pashmina, bought in Cambodia on a trip with my sister, that I use often when the weather is cooler.

What about you? Do you use your favourite things? Do you enjoy them regularly?

Or do you find there is so much stuff that you don’t get to use and enjoy your favourite things?
Are your favourite items packed away for fear of damaging or spoiling them?

Why have favourite things if we don’t enjoy them? Come on, why settle for less?

So, here are 5 areas in your home you can start with:

Kitchen: Declutter by letting go all the items you don’t really like, no longer work for you, are broken or chipped. Start using your grandmother’s china, your favourite wine glasses and gorgeous table cloths and napkins tucked away for a special occasion. Every day should be a special occasion!

Clothing: Donate your duplicates, the jeans that haven’t fit in a long time, and those impulse buys that you have never worn. Keep those items that make you feel good, that you love to wear and wear them often. No more “I have nothing to wear” days!

Jewellery: How much jewellery do you have? How much do you wear? Weed out the pieces that you no longer love or wear. Pass on to family members and friends, or donate to a worthy cause. Wear the pieces you love!

Ornamentals: Ditch the vases, ornamentals and other stuff out on display that you really don’t love. Display and use your favourite pieces, and enjoy your home!

Toys: do you find your children play with the same toys all the time? Those are their favourites! Go through their toys with them and donate those they no longer love. If there are toys they can’t part with, pack them away for 6 months and revisit then.

Life is short – let’s enjoy our favourite things every day!

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