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Declutter these 6 areas before you move

Moving is stressful at the best of times. Packing boxes, moving them and unpacking at the other side is tedious and time consuming. One of the ways to make this easier is to declutter before you move and only pack what you use and love. I encourage clients to start with 6 areas that will make a huge difference in your new home.

1. Medicine Cabinet

Most medicine cabinets we see are filled to the brim with expired medications and old prescriptions, along with ointments and plasters that have seen better days. When last did you declutter your medicine cabinet? Now is the time to take everything out, sort and organise what you want to keep.

TIP: Never put your pills down the drain or toilet, and do not throw them in the bin. Take all your old medications to your local pharmacy for safe disposal.

2. Pantry or grocery cupboards

It’s time to clear out all the old spices, herbs and condiments you will never use! Time to let go all those dry goods you bought in bulk and never got round to using, along with the half used and open products you have forgotten about. Tackle one shelf at a time and check the expiration dates on everything. Discard everything that has gone off or stale. If you are sure you won’t use something and it is still fresh, donate it to your local homeless shelter. TIP: Now start eating what you have left, and try not to shop for more before you move.

3. Fridge and freezer

Check the contents of your freezer and start eating what you can now. Your fridge and freezer should receive the same treatment as your pantry a few days before your move. Try to get down to the bare minimum. Then thoroughly clean both with a solution of vinegar and warm water. TIP: Keep a few cooler bags aside for the bits that are left and you will want to transport yourself to your new home.
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4. Study

Sorting paperwork is always time consuming so start clearing the study well in advance. Be ruthless and recycle all old magazines and newspapers, along with junk mail and old catalogues, brochures and maps. Cull your photographs, collections of recipes, old greeting cards and children’s artwork. Deal with accounts and post and file only the essential. TIP: Scanning documents and requesting online bills will greatly reduce your paperwork going forward.

5. Top cupboards

Top cupboards are usually the places where things long forgotten are stored and never touched again. Make it your goal to have all top cupboards cleared and sorted before the packing starts. Deal with the old linen, duvets, pillows, clothes, heirlooms and collections and any other surprises. TIP: Anything that you are keeping should be put with similar items to be packed

6. Washing machine, dishwasher and tumble dryer

While this is not strictly a decluttering job, this is the perfect time to give these appliances a good clean. Pull the appliances out to dust and wipe down, remembering the pipes. The easiest way to clean the inside of your dishwasher is to place a bowl of vinegar in your machine and complete a hot cycle with the machine empty. This will remove all residue, unclog your filter and leave your machine smelling fresh. Do the same with your washing machine, pouring the vinegar into the soap retainer. Wipe the tumble dryer out and clean the filter removing all lint and fluff. TIP: Cleaning your dishwasher and washing machine with the vinegar method once a month will enhance and improve the performance of these appliances.

By now you will an ace at decluttering and sorting and will be able to tackle the rest like a pro! 

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