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Decided to sell your house? Now what?

Decided to sell your house? Now what?

I am working with a couple who have made the decision to make their last move into a small retirement home. Over 28 years they have filled their large family home to the brim. It is a daunting task, and they called me in to help get their home ready to sell. It is a lovely home, with lots of light, and lots of space, but completely lost under all the stuff. So, armed with a plan, along with boxes, bags, bins and a large van to fill with recycling and donations, we are moving mountains (well almost!)

Not everyone is able to hire a professional, but a plan of action will make all the difference. Here are 10 steps to help you get your home ready for selling:

1. Take a good look at the entire house. Go room by room, cupboard by cupboard, to understand what needs to get done before selling.

2. Start with the easiest room in the house. Usually a spare room, or extra rooms are a good place. Start on one side of the room clearing surfaces first, then move onto cupboards (starting at the top and working down), and lastly removing excess furniture that you will not need in your new home. Complete each room before starting the next. Remove everything that is not staying immediately, and where possible remove it from your home the same day.

3. Come back to difficult spaces. Should you struggle with a particular area, stop, walk away for a breather and come back to it later. Leave the difficult stuff (memorabilia, heirlooms, sentimental items) for last.

4. Clean up the kitchen. This is probably a family’s most popular gathering spot and quite often also a dumping ground for bags, car keys, cell phones, dog leads etc. Clear counter tops and notice boards. Edit appliances and Tupperware cupboards. clean out the pantry and scullery. Ditch chipped and spoilt crockery and glassware, and get rid of all the extras.

5. Spring clean your bathrooms. Clear countertops and bathrooms cupboards, medicine cabinets and toiletry baskets. Clean grout, tiles, shower doors, mirrors and taps. Matching towels, fresh soaps, and a plant make all the difference.

6. Tackle the garage and garden shed. This is where stuff goes to never see the light of day. Sort, purge, ditch and re-organise what you are keeping. Sweep, dust and get rid of all the cobwebs lurking in corners.

7. Tame the paper tiger. Clear up paper piles and file documents. Ensure you have good lighting, a comfortable chair, and clean equipment in your home office.

8. Now go outside. Clean up your garden, ensure the pool is sparkling, do any repairs needed, and remove all items not in use or don’t belong there. Make sure outside lights work, and the paving and driveway are free of weeds.

9. Pretend you are a buyer. Now go room by room, starting at the front door, looking through the eyes of a buyer. What do you see? Do the rooms feel inviting? Do you see the potential?

10. Now call in the big guns. You home is ready for potential buyers. Put it on the market with pride and satisfaction. Time to move on!

Do you have some tips to add?

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