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Clearing & Sorting Your Wardrobe

I konw it's still winter in the Southern Hemisphere but as we move closer to spring it's a good time to start thinking about a wardrobe blitz...

We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. That means that most wardrobes have way too much in them, and as a result we struggle to find things we would like to wear.

Take time to organise your wardrobe. Set aside a Saturday or Sunday and enlist a friend who will be ruthlessly honest with you.

Have a few boxes marked” Donations”, “mend”, ”store” and “toss”

Take everything out and sort into categories – jerseys, tops, undies etc.

Now take one pile at a time and touch each item. Try on if you are not sure, and take a good look.

Ask yourself:

• When did I where it last? Will I wear it again?
• Does it fit?
• Do I still like it?
• Does it look good on me?
• Do I have things to wear with it?
• Does it need to be altered and will I alter it?

Don’t keep anything you DON’T say yes to! Immediately designate to the appropriate box or pile. Anything you are not sure of put in a separate pile and go back later to decide. If you still can’t make up your mind, pack away in a box, label and put somewhere to go back to in a few months. If you have not looked for anything or opened the box in several months, donate the entire box!

The difficult ones are the once off outfits (wedding dress, matric dance dress), the special occasion items and the sentimental. If you absolutely must keep,pack away (with loads of lavender) in a top cupboard. Otherwise take a photo of the item, and then let it go!

Throw away torn and damaged items, anything with underarm stains or worn collars should go, jerseys with bobbles and track pants or trousers that don’t revert to their shape should go.

Anything else can be donated to a worthy cause. Now you should only have you love and like to wear. Now take a look at your wardrobe space and designate homes for everything. You could even label shelves for ease of reference. Should you need extra space you could install a shelf (half depth) midway between two shelves.

Shoes could either be stored in clear boxes or boxes with labels. This way you can store quite a few pairs and find them easily. Another way to increase storage is install a shelf (half depth) above the shoes on the floor of the wardrobe. Handbags should be stored close by on a shelf. Place a row of hooks on the inside of a cupboard for all your belts.

Scarves can be stored on a scarf hanger. Otherwise have a rail on the inside of another door and hang them over the rail. Pack away by type. Sleeveless T shirts, short sleeve T shirts and so on. Hanging items too – jackets together, pants together, dresses and skirts. Another way to organise is to have all formal wear/work wear together and all casual wear together. Think about how you would look for something and organise to make it easy for you to find, and easy to put away again.

When hanging garments, hang one item per hanger and ensure all hangers face the same way. Try and have a finger space between the hangers on the rail to stop creasing. Always do up the top button to avoid collars creasing. Keep spare hangers at one end. Never use wire hangers (from the dry cleaners).

When tackling undies and smaller items I like to containerise (baskets, plastic tubs, dividers, even shoe boxes). It makes it far easier to find and keeps things together in your cupboard. Roll pantyhose, stockings and leggings. Keep socks in a tub or basket. Keep gym wear, Pilates or yoga gear all together.

Organising your wardrobe is one thing, keeping it that way is another! Make sure you keep your cupboards organised by clearing out regularly. Spring and again in early autumn are good times to do this.

Any out of season clothing should be packed away. Don’t forget to empty pockets, clean or dry clean all items and check for stains or damage before storing. Use bay leaves or lavender to keep moths and other creatures away.

Rule of thumb:

If you have too much in your wardrobe, sort your clothes by season, and put away out of season clothes. If you still have too much, you need to weed! And definitely don’t go shopping until you are sorted and organised!

Everything in your wardrobe should be visible, within reach and ready to wear.

When shopping for clothes think about the following:

• What will you wear the new item with?
• Where will your store it?
• Do you really, really love it? Or is it because it’s on sale or it looks cute in the window?
• Think twice. For every item you bring home, something has to go!

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