Tuesday, 22 October 2019 07:34

Christmas is just 60 days away

I was in a shopping centre yesterday, the 16th OCTOBER, and all the Christmas decorations are up already! All with that, every store has their own variations of Christmas Carols. I do think it’s too much too soon but it is a reminder that Christmas is just 60 days away!

Before you know it, the holidays will be upon us! Friends, family, festivities, outings and traditions; so much to look forward, but also lots to plan and organise.

It’s so important to take time to prepare so that you can enjoy stress-free holidays with your loved ones! Now is the time to think about what you are doing, with whom and when.

I work off my “60 days to Christmas To Do List “every year starting now, and thought you might find it helpful this year!

  • Make a To Do list to take you through to the end of the year. Schedule chores and tasks on your calendar.
  • Break it down into smaller lists – Food and drinks, gifts, cards, activities, visitors, menus etc
  • Delegate tasks, and cheat where possible – if you don’t like baking buy your Christmas pudding and mince pies, don't make them!
  • Set a budget. Know what you have to spend, allocate accordingly and stick to it. Don’t overspend and regret it in the New Year.
  • Do half as much as you want to do. Get help. Share the chores, the cooking, the hosting with adult children and other family members.
  • How much is enough? Keep it simple. So often there is way too much food for instance. This year cut back. Don’t buy new decorations, repurpose the ones you have.
  • Spend twice the time and half the money. Giving of your time is the best gift you can give.
  • Resist the pressure of too many invitations, too many expectations. Schedule downtime for you and the family – a late morning, afternoon naps and a quiet evening here and there.
  • If there are small children or grandchildren try and maintain a little routine – make sure they eat regularly, bed times are reasonable, and treats are just that, treats!
  • Schedule appointments and dates further apart to allow for holiday traffic, and limited parking.
  • Set boundaries and say no sometimes. We physically can’t do everything we would like to do, or feel obliged to do, so say NO sometimes.
  • Think ahead. I like to get up ahead of the rest of the household, make a cup of tea and think about the day ahead. It sets the tone for the day!
  • Be flexible. Plans and a schedule are great, but remember you are on holiday. Things do change, so relax and go with the flow!
  • Take some ME time - small breaks just for you (You will be nicer, more patient and happier for it)

Ready, steady, enjoy!


Do you have tips of your own that you would like to share?

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