Monday, 24 February 2020 13:27

Be patient, be understanding and above all, be kind!

We have all moved homes at some stage, haven’t we?

It’s not easy, and can be stressful and tiring. So much to think about, so much planning and organising. Clearing and sorting, deciding what to take and what to let go. Daunting and challenging for the best of us.

For Seniors, this process is also emotionally overwhelming and physically exhausting. They have to deal with downsizing, and letting go of a lifetime of memories, items collected with love, artefacts and gifts, books and other memorabilia. They will have to let go all that is familiar and comfortable. Their lifestyle will change drastically, and in many cases they will lose a lot of their independence.

So, be mindful of what they are dealing with as you assist them with this transition. Start early, go slowly, give them time to process, gently and firmly keep them focused. Have a plan of action, be flexible, consider their needs and wishes and embrace these thoughts as you help them start this new stage in their lives:

  • Be sensitive to their feelings and their wishes
  • Remind yourself that there will things they will want to keep that doesn’t make sense to you
  • Give them time to work through things.
  • Encourage breaks and plenty of rest in between the sorting
  • Be patient as they reminisce, and want to share stories and memories with you
  • Be understanding when loved ones get upset
  • Allow them time to grieve the loss they are experiencing
  • Don’t rush out and buy loads of new things without consulting with them. Familiarity is an important key to settling in a new home
  • Above all, be kind! Don’t show your frustrations, hold your tongue, step away. Be kind!

If you are finding the process difficult, you might want to consider a Professional Organiser who specialises in working with Seniors. A person who can step in and assist where you are struggling. That way you can do the fun things with them and shower them with love!

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