Thursday, 20 February 2020 06:26

Baby steps to a sustainable lifestyle

In case you hadn’t noticed, our planet needs help. Fires, floods, hurricanes, extraordinary winds, and severe droughts.

And it starts with each one of us! We have to take responsibility and do something. Although this is a REPOST, it is very relevant right now.

My wish is that this list will help you towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and if it does you will share it with your friends.

I say baby steps, because that’s how it starts!

I follow several zero waste bloggers and am constantly inspired by them on my own, slow journey to a waste-less lifestyle. I say slow because it has taken years, starting with recycling newspapers at my daughter’s school 25 years ago.

With baby steps I have changed our habits, our thinking, what we eat, where I shop and what I bring or don’t bring into our home. We have a worm farm (a Christmas present 15 years ago!), a compost heap, several recycling bins, along with our non-recyclable materials for “Eco Bricks”.

I shop with a list and a menu plan to avoid food waste, and I am really good at concocting meals out of left-overs (ask my girls!!). We try not to buy cleaning products and use mainly vinegar, bicarb, lemon juice and salt to keep our home clean and germ free. We refuse straws and plastic bags, disposable cutlery and paper serviettes. I recently changed to a shampoo bar and love it, and have used coconut oil on my skin since a trip to Thailand years ago.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but it is possible to waste less, send less to landfill and live a more sustainable lifestyle if we really, really want to.

Here are 21 small changes you can make towards a more sustainable lifestyle:

  1. Don’t use plastic bags. Instead, take your own bags for groceries.
  2. Avoid buying plastic-wrapped products, opt for a paper bag instead.
  3. Stop buying bottled water, like right now!
  4. Repurpose glass jars.
  5. Use washable metal straws instead of disposable plastic straws.
  6. Use cloths instead of paper towels.
  7. Give people experiences instead of things
  8. Buy second hand clothes where possible.
  9. Invest in better quality items that last longer.
  10. Adopt pets instead of breeding them.
  11. Use LED lighting or CFL bulbs instead of incandescent lighting as they last longer.
  12. Put up a no junk mail sign on your letter box to limit the amount of paper you bring in.
  13. Turn off your devices at night.
  14. Get a water-saving shower head.
  15. Use organic fertilisers.
  16. Opt to receive digital letters and notices.
  17. Send electronic wedding invitations.
  18. Save gift bags and gift boxes for future use.
  19. Plant a tree with someone.
  20. Borrow books from the library instead of purchasing them directly.
  21. Read your newspaper online instead of reading the paper versions.

Let’s make a difference together, one baby step at a time!
Who is with me?

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