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Are you ready for moving day?

Moving, as we all know can be a stressful ordeal. So much to do, so much to remember, to much to organise. 

We arrange a moving company, fill out inventories, organise boxes and packing materials, change addresses, sort out what is going and what isn't, do some decluttering, and much more. 

Once all the boxes are packed, items are wrapped, pets and children and sorted, and help is enlisted on the day, were ready for the movers. Or are we?

It's really important to check with your moving company what they expect you to do prior to their arrival. Having worked with a number of movers over the years I have compiled a list for clients that will avoid the last minute running around on move day. Each moving company is slightly different, but I do think you will find this list useful. 

Before the moving company arrives: 

ü  You should have all boxes and goods must be packed and ready for transport.

ü  All personal, valuable and precious items including cell phones, laptops, jewellery, wallets, handbags, etc. should be secured and out of sight.

ü  Any packing and packaging of any sort must be request prior to the move to ensure adequate materials are supplied on the day.

ü  TV’s and TV brackets must be removed from walls and wrapped for transport.

ü  Washing machines and dishwashers should be cleaned and left to dry out up to two days prior to your move.

ü  Stabilizing brackets must be installed to machines prior to the machines being moved, if not the machines will be moved without them.

ü  All items that do not fit through doorways must be dismantled prior to the move, if not additional charges will apply for dismantling. Arrangements can be made prior to move day.

ü  It is recommended that fridges and freezers are emptied and cleaned two days prior to the move. Leave doors ajar to dry thoroughly.

ü  Upright fridges and freezers must be transported empty and fragile glass shelves must be secured or removed from the units.

ü  A good suggestion is to mark boxes according to where they will go in the new home. Mark on top of the box, and include contents for ease of reference.

ü  Dangerous and flammable items will not be transported by the moving company and you will need to organise those.

ü  Remove the glass plate from the microwave.

ü  Remove loose shelves from cupboards and units, especially ones with glass.

ü  Remove lamp shades from lamps.

ü  Note and point out any fragile or damaged items that require extra care.

ü  All items to be moved must be removed from walls and packaged including curtains

ü  Remember that packaging material is a lot cheaper than your precious possessions, so spend the money getting proper wrapping and packaging.

ü  Last, but most important, is to ensure you have adequate insurance cover for the duration of your move. I always encourage clients to speak to their insurance brokers in this regard.

If all of this seems too daunting and the though of your move is giving you sleepless nights, a Professional Organiser who specialises in moving people could be very helpful!

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