Tuesday, 08 October 2019 08:10

5 excuses I hear every day

“I can’t let that go!” A refrain we hear every time we work with clients who are downsizing. And when I ask why there is always a VERY GOOD REASON why they can’t let go. But the reasons are really just excuses for not being able to let go!

So today we are going to tackle five excuses head on:

1. I might need it one day
Maybe you will! But, it’s very likely that you won’t if you haven’t needed it up til now.

My question is: What’s the absolute worst thing that could happen if you did let it go? Could you get another one, borrow one or actually do without?

2. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings
Many clients have cupboards filled with things they don’t like or use, because they were worried about hurting feelings! Unloved gifts and heirlooms pile up and take up space.

My question: Does letting go these items change the way you feel about the person it came from? Ask yourself if you love it, if you need it, if you use it. If not, it’s ok to make a decision, do what’s right for you. Let it go and let someone else treasure and love it!

3. It was free!
Free samples cluttering up your toiletries cupboard? Horrible ‘”free” branded mugs and glasses you don’t use? ”Free” plastic toy giveaways that your children never look at after the first five minutes? All this “free” stuff cluttering up valuable space, not loved and not used!

My question: Why allow your treasures to be lost in all the ‘free’ clutter?.

4. It was expensive or might be worth something
This is always a difficult one for clients. Often the perceived value of an item is not realistic. You will rarely get back what you paid for something and this can be hard to deal with. There is a sentimental attachment to heirlooms and often the value is over-estimated.

My question: Do you love it? Do you use it? Could someone else love it and enjoy it? Then let go. Whether you sell it, or donate it. Let it go!

5. It has too many memories
Another big EXCUSE! Kids artwork, travel memorabilia, trophies…all of these things take up lots of space!  

My question: Do you EVER look at them? Pick a few select pieces for a memory box or display, photograph the rest (if you need the reference) and then let it all go.

It’s always good to keep you end goal in mind while making decisions. Visualise your new space. Know how much storage space and display areas you have. Understand that your lifestyle and your needs will change with this move. Be resolute, even ruthless and keep only those items you really love, treasure and use.


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