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1,2,3,4,5 Gift Giving Ideas With a Difference



1. A thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.

1.1 An act of giving something as a present.


[WITH OBJECT]  1. Give (something) as a gift.

‘1.1 Present (someone) with a gift or gifts.

I love gifts. I love giving gifts. I love receiving gifts. I love the anticipation and the excitement gifts illicit. The joy of a gift given with love. The thrill of a gift received with a smile. I think we all love gifts, and I think we all love giving gifts!

This year let’s do it differently. Give differently. Change the way you think about gifts and gift giving…

Here are 5 gift ideas I love:

1. Give consumables.

I love giving yummy homemade biscuits from a small business down the road, or lemonade from a farm stall. Wine, homemade preserves, fudge or chocolate all go down well too!

2. Give experiences.

An experience can be shared, and with the experience the memories, joy, and connection without contributing to clutter. A coffee date, a trip to somewhere special, tickets to a show – the list is endless. One of my highlights last Christmas was paragliding with my girls.

3. Give ideas.

A cooking evening, an art class, or a course they would enjoy. I have enjoying tea tastings, cooking evenings, an introduction to mosaics, food and wine parings and many more. Loads of fun and educational to boot!

4. Give back

Instead of giving a gift, sponsor a worthy cause on their behalf. Every year one of my sisters makes up Santa Shoe Boxes for disadvantaged children on behalf of her nephews and nieces. Another sister supports a local shelter with food parcels. It makes such a difference to those who have so little over the holidays.

5. Give you.

Your time and attention are probably the most valuable gift you can offer. Spend real time with your family, visit a friend you haven’t seen in a while, invite someone who has no family to your Christmas meal. Further afield, take a shelter dog for a walk, assist an elderly person with their shopping or chores, volunteer to marshal at a sporting event.

Most of all give with love!

DO you have great gift giving ideas? I would love to hear from you!

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